Spring Cleaning the Workshop

spring-cleaning-workshop03 Spring is here and so the time to start doing projects around the house has come. In preparation to do projects for the summer I have tasked myself with getting my workshop cleaned up. As you can see from the picture to the right and below the workshop section of my garage had become a storage facility during the winter.

New Shelf

spring-cleaning-workshop07 Part of the cleanup project was to add an additional shelf above my wall-mounted workbench. In the process of doing that I noticed that a couple of the anchors for the existing shelf were starting to come out of the wall. I shored this up by adding a metal L-bracket connected to a stud. Looking back now I am not sure why I did not attach the shelf brackets to studs in the first place. I made up for it with the new shelf though by adding two additional brackets. I also made sure that all 6 brackets of the new shelf were attached to studs. That shelf should be fine for years to come although I might want to think about painting it.

The Workbenches

Another part of the project is to finish up my mobile (or movable) workbenches. I have had these guys for 3 years now and have never finished them because they were doing pretty good the way they were. I need more storage space though and there is plenty of space under them that is not being fully utilized right now. In addition to that one of the benches is pretty unstable and so needs a little rework to be as solid as the other bench. Read the rest of this entry »