My Dream Woodworking Work Shop

As mentioned previously last night I picked up my Delta Jointer that I found on Craigslist. The guy that was selling it had the nicest workshop that I have ever seen in person. The workshop was not in his garage, no, he had a whole separate building for it that was about the size of a large 2 car garage. His workshop was comparable in equipment to what I have seen on New Yankee Workshop although because it had so much equipment there wasn’t very much room to move around.

imageWhile verifying that the jointer worked correctly I noticed out of the corner on my eye that he has a build a very nice outfeed table for his table saw. I asked if I could take a look at it since an outfeed table is on the short list of items I am looking to build for my shop. He had a very nice high-end DeWalt table saw with a factory attached side table. He informed me that the outfeed table was a version of the Work Table and Clamp Cart from New Yankee Workshop. What was interesting about this table was that it has a mechanism that allows the table to be lifted up on casters so that it can be moved and then set back down so that it is stationary. I could definitely use one of those for my shop.

From there he showed me the other things that he built from the New Yankee Workshop. The items that he had built included:

All were really cool looking and very functional.
My wife had gone with me to pick up the jointer and on the way home I told her of all the things that I saw. I explained to her that while his tools that he had were cool I was more impressed with the things that he had built to equip his shop. She mentioned that he must be retired and that is what he spends his time doing which was probably the case. I told her that when we retire that we would definitely need to buy a different house so that I could have “My Shop” just like he had his. She agreed. I love my wife 🙂 .