My First Post at Wood Worker Dan

Welcome to Wood Worker Dan! This blog is hosted by me – Dan Masters – and is designed so that I can share my successes and failures as I dive into the wonderful world of wood working. I am a Product Manager by day and a husband, father of three, blogger, RC airplane and helicopter enthusiest, and wood worker by night.

My experience in wood working goes back to my earliest memories with tinkering around in my Grandpa’s garage hammering and screwing things together. My Grandpa has been doing wood working since he was young and I still call him for tips on different things such as lumber selection and finishing. As I got older my mom remarried and my step-dad was also into wood working and home improvement so I learned a lot from him as well.

Up until now my wood working skills have only been applied mostly to construction types of projects. I have gutted rooms down to the studs, replaced load bearing walls, and have done finish drywall and texturing. I never really had a chance to get into furniture due to a lack of tools and/or space. Or the last few years I started to accumulate a good set of tools and a few months ago gained the space to create a real workshop. My workshop now takes up the single car garage section of the three car garage of our new house that we recently built. Now I have plenty of room to work.

In this blog I hope to outline the various projects that I am planning and working on and the tips and tricks that I learn along the way. I am no where near a profesional so please use your own common sense when attempting to do anything you see here (I may not have been using common sense!).