Coming Down to the Last Minute in Finishing Christmas Presents

A couple weeks ago I came across the Wood Whisperers article about simple magazine racks as Christmas presents. I initially made a couple out of Pine to test out but planed the wood to thin so it easily warped. I then bought enough Rd Oak to make 4 which came out alright. These 4 are stained but still need the Polyurethane added to them. This past Sunday I picked up 4 more pieces of Red Oak and busted out 4 more in a night. These guys still need stain and Poly.

I also pick up some 5/8″ MDF in order to make some stepping stools as presents as well. These have yet to be cut, glued, and primed but they are at the bottom of the list as they do not need to be shipped. I should be able to build all 4 of the step stools that I ant in an evening as well. 

The issue that I am facing is that it has been literally freezing the last fee days – day and night. I don’t believe the stain and Poly work to well in the lower temperatures and I don’t either. today it started to warm up a little but not enough. Tomorrow is supposed to be better but I have plans in the evening (Christmas stuff for the kids). It seems that I really underestimated the weather and the amount of work involved in getting Christmas presents done.

Hopefully I can get the staining/priming/Poly done this weekend in order to get them shipped on Monday.

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